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Law Enforcement Products and Services


TrackPoint is EMC's eRoom product with pre-built templates specifically for Law Enforcement. eRoom is stable, proven for over 15 years and backed by a 47 billion dollar company. eRoom is used by over 3000 organizations around the globe.


    • Facilitates department management
    • Officers can collaborate across shifts
    • Reduce meetings and eliminate stacks of paper
    • Central location for files and correspondence
    • Easy to learn, use and customize
    • Economical to deploy
    • Track virtually anything such as:
    * Training
    * Equipment
    * Vehicles
    * Maintenance
    * Recruiting
    * Investigations
    * Criminal Activity
    * Gangs
    * Court Appearances
    * Resumes
    * Citizens Complaints
    * Correspondence
    * Permits
    * Firearms
    * Interview Results

You have CAD and RMS but you may be lacking software to track essential department data such as training, vehicles, evidence, or virtually anything.

Your patrolmen need a more efficient system to share information with each other or across divisions. You'd like to replace whiteboards and post-its. With TrackPoint, messages and announcements are stored electronically for as long as necessary.

TrackPoint can be hosted on the public internet so that officers and outside participants you invite can log in remotely. Roll call can be virtual with officers logging in from home prior to shifts. Your detectives can share investigative information with District Attornies.

Screen Shots Below. Click on any image below to see it full size.

    LEO Share Screen Shot - Login Screen
    TrackPoint login page
    LEO Share Screen Shot - Active eRoom List
    TrackPoint active eRooms page
    LEO Share Screen Shot - Sample eRoom
    TrackPoint sample eRoom
    LEO Share Screen Shot - Database entry detail page
    TrackPoint database entry detail page
    LEO Share Screen Shot - Database Entry Drag & Drop
    TrackPoint drag & drop from desktop onto attachments area of eRoom
    LEO Share Screen Shot - Database Entry Comments Area
    TrackPoint comments area



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