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Extend core business processes beyond the enterprise more securely and cost-effectively by deploying XML-based forms in HTML, PDF, or SWF over any platform. Then capture data and transfer it directly into core systems, streamlining processes and improving data accuracy.

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Accelerate form creation and processing
The Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES2 and LiveCycle Designer ES2 modules make it easy to design and deploy forms without deep technical knowledge. You can re-create the look and feel of existing paper-based forms and enable users to access electronic forms through a universal client—such as Adobe Reader® or Adobe Flash® Player software or a web browser—to increase user adoption and reduce training costs. You can assemble multiple PDF forms into a form package or a Flash technology–based interactive portfolio, making form completion easier for customers, partners, and suppliers. You can also take advantage of form fragments, which are collections of fields, objects, and scripts packaged together in a reusable component. Form fragments make it easy to quickly create new forms using prebuilt fragments and to automatically update changes to forms that leverage global fragments.

Improve the user experience
LiveCycle Forms ES2 lets you deploy PDF, SWF, and HTML forms both inside and outside your organization. It simplifies form completion and delivers faster response times and a better user experience.

With the addition of Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2, users can save PDF forms to their local hard drives, fill them out offline, and submit the completed forms the next time they are online. Dynamic 2D barcode technology also enables them to submit completed forms by mail or fax without slowing down processes. You simply scan the barcode—no risk of data entry errors. Wizard-like applications called guides, which are compatible with Flash Player, step users through a new or complex data capture process, make completion even easier, and reduce abandonment rates.

LiveCycle Forms ES2 provides a new, more intuitive WYSIWYG interface for building guides, and because guides are now based on a common data model, developers can create and deploy them faster and more easily.

Integrate forms data with back-end systems
Support for XML lets you leverage existing enterprise applications for rapid form deployment and data exchange with core business systems. You can embed forms with content and data from key applications and add calculations and validations that automatically verify information as a user completes a form. By offering an avenue for returning captured data to key applications via SOAP-based interfaces, LiveCycle Forms ES2 further leverages investments in your existing applications and processes, speeding up processing times and reducing the risk of human error.

Our staff has extensive experience in developing rich, interactive, dynamic electronic forms to help your organization collect and aggregate data from your customers, partners and/or vendors. Forms can be simple static PDFs that collect and aggregate data, or they can be very rich internet applications driven by enterprise data sources and dynamically regenerate based on user responses. Forms can be designed to be submitted online with answers delivered to an email inbox or an enterprise database. Form submissions can further be extended to launch automated business processes with workflow approvals and integration with other enterprise systems or databases.

ForeFront Systems is proud to announce our membership in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. As an Adobe Solution Partner, ForeFront participates and works with a larger international community of developers to collaboratively innovate and bring new applications and solutions to our clients. The Adobe Solution Partner Program focuses on providing high-quality tools, information and services to members including an advanced level of developer support.

Talk to one of our eForms experts today and get started. Combining electronic forms with BPM automation will give your organization a competitive advantage as well as regulatory compliance.


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