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Business Process Management (BPM) is customer first. It’s business focused. It empowers people in all corners of a business to be more successful.

It brings people and systems together. BPM unifies business and IT activities and coordinates the actions and behaviors of people and systems around the common context of business processes.

Benefits of BPM:


  • Automate the execution of many process tasks that may have previously been handled manually.
  • For tasks that still require manual handling, BPM will coordinate the workflow and direct action by notifying people and presenting the information they need to perform their work.
  • E-mail notification of pending “tasks”


  • Eliminate manual data entry (pre-population of form fields, database lookups)
  • Reduce process cycle time (automation and business rules built into process speeds response time for “customers”)
  • Reduce manual analysis / routing (automated routing based on process data while retaining ability for ad hoc routing/delegation)


  • Handle exceptions faster and better (Can be built into workflows)
  • Make better decisions (By reviewing form data as well as overall process data and statistics, approvers and managers make more informed decisions)
  • Consistent execution (Based on rules built into process, workflows and decisions are more consistent)


  • Faster compliance with regulations (easy and fast to build new form / workflow)
  • Support new business process (easy to change process and launch new defined process quickly)

ForeFront Systems is proud to announce our membership in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. As an Adobe Solution Partner, ForeFront participates and works with a larger international community of developers to collaboratively innovate and bring new applications and solutions to our clients. The Adobe Solution Partner Program focuses on providing high-quality tools, information and services to members including an advanced level of developer support.

Talk to one of our BPM experts about how BPM can help your organization today.

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